About Us

The Tradition of the Pineapple

The pineapple is known as the traditional expression of “Welcome” throughout the South and along the Eastern Seaboard. It symbolizes the intangible assets we appreciate in a home: Warmth, Welcome, Hospitality and Friendship.

The pineapple has been a symbol of hospitality since the days of the early American colonies. The legend began with the sea captains of New England, who sailed among the Caribbean Islands and returned to the colonies bearing their cargo of fruits, spices and rum. According to the legend, the captain would spear a pineapple on a fence post outside his home to let his friends know of his safe return from sea. The pineapple was an invitation for them to visit, share his food and drink, and listen to tales of his voyage.

As the tradition grew, colonial innkeepers added the pineapple to their signs and advertisements. Bedposts carved in the shape of a pineapple were a common sight at inns across New England. The legend has continued to the present day with the pineapple as a symbol in hotels and restaurants signaling the presence of hospitality.

At Pink Pineapple Realty, we want to carry the “tradition of the pineapple” into the Real Estate arena and make your home Selling or Buying experience a welcome, hospitable, easy, professional, and affordable experience. We strive to assist our Sellers and Buyers in finding the perfect home. We also work with Investors and Rental Properties. We believe the Full Service, Flat Feemodel is the wave of the future.

Who We Are

We are a Full Service, Flat Fee company and believe that selling, buying or renting a home should be easy and affordable.  Our brokers are experienced and knowledgeable.  We provide award winning service to our clients. We’ll pair you with the best property for your needs.

Our Philosophy

We sell spaces made for living life. We market homes to accommodate families of all sizes. We handle all the complex stuff so that you can enjoy the process of buying your home.

Client Testimonials

From the moment my husband and I met Judy Edwards, we were impressed. Judy is extremely professional and courteous.  She took the time to really listen to what our thoughts were regarding the listing of our Raleigh home.  Guiding us along the way, she used her expertise and strategy to find the most qualified Buyer (and deal) for our home sale transaction.  She is a high-level communicator and her skills greatly attributed to our home successfully selling.    Her attention to detail ensured we had a smooth closing, as well.  An experienced real estate professional, we look forward to using her real estate services again soon.


Raleigh, NC

Judy was a pleasure to have as my real estate agent. Judy never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. I would highly recommend her over any conventional 6% brokers as you will save thousands as well as receive the best service any agent can provide. I know from experience as we were able to sell our home using Pink Pineapple Realty.


Cary, NC